Using Fore/Sight


Fore/Sight allows precise measurement to any location on a hole with or without the aid of a GPS. Fore/Sight uses high-resolution aerial photographs to provide a bird's eye view of each hole on the course.

The main display consists of a vertically oriented view of the hole augmented with yardage signs, pin and ball locations, and simple controls. The yardage signs display accurate distances to the pin and ball from any location on the course. The ball location can be set visually or, if available, using the iPhone's built-in GPS.

Fore/Sight is desinged for efficient, one-handed operation. Simply hold your iPhone/iPod in your non-gloved* hand and use your thumb to position the image, place the ball, adjust the zoom, or change the hole.

*The iPhone/iPod touch screen does not detect gloved touches.

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Location Icons

The ball is a white circle.

The pin is a red flag.

The current GPS location is a blue circle.

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The Crosshair

Fore/Sight's measuring system is based around a static crosshair centered on the display. The crosshair enables precise placement of the target location. To measure, simply move the image until the target location is directly under the crosshair.

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Ball Placement

The ball can be directly placed anywhere on the image using the crosshair. If GPS is enabled, the ball can also be placed at the current GPS location.

To place the ball, use a double or triple tap anywhere on the image or crosshair:

Double-tap: Place the ball under the crosshair
Triple-tap: Place the ball at the current GPS location

Tip: Use landmarks to precisely place your ball without the GPS. Sand traps, trees, cart paths, and buildings all make good reference points.

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Measuring Distances

The yardage signs show three distances:

The ball and pin yardage signs are updated when the image is moved. The hole-out and ball yardage signs are updated when the ball location changes.

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Zoom Controls

Each zoom control has two functions, a simple function for single-taps and a advanced function for double-taps. The image can be zoomed in a maximum of 4x and zoomed out to the original view (1x).

Single-tap: Zoom in
Double-tap: Zoom to center the view between the pin and the ball

Single-tap: Zoom out
Double-tap: Return to the original view

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Hole Info

The gray box shows the current hole and par. Double-tap to see the complete stats for the hole.

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Hole Selection

The white navigation arrows move the view between holes.

Single-tap: Return to the previous hole, or the hole menu if viewing hole 1
Double-tap: Return to the hole menu.

Single-tap: Advance to the next hole

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Location Services

Fore/Sight can use the device's location services to determine your location. Depending on which services are available on your device and the current weather conditions, the accuracy can range from a few hundred yards down to a few feet.

Enabling GPS/Location Services for the Device

Under Settings/General from the main iPod/iPhone menu, use the Location Services slider to enable location services. If location services are disabled, Fore/Sight will ask permission before enabling location services.

Using GPS/Location Services

When location services are enabled, a satellite icon appears on the main display, directly above the hole info box. Location updates can be toggled on or off by tapping the satellite icon. A blue circle appears on the hole image denoting the device's location.

Triple-tap anywhere on the display to set the ball's location to the device's location.

The satellite icon shows the current status and accuracy of the location services:

Location services are OFF.
Single-tap: Start location updates

Location services are ON.
Single-tap: Stop location updates

The number of blue bars determines the location accuracy:

By default, location services are turned off (gray satellite icon). Tap the icon to start receiving location updates. Note that location services uses extra power. Battery charges will not last as long when location services are enabled.

Location Services' Accuracy

The image above shows a location with 10 yard accuracy (2 bars on the satellite icon). 10 yard accuracy means that the device is anywhere within a 10 yard radius of the reported location, as demonstrated by the dashed circle.

The iPhone and iPod touch have multiple methods of determining the device's location and automatically select the most accurate method. If the device has a GPS, such as on the iPhone 3G or 3GS, the accuracy can be as high as a few feet.

Location services run when the device is powered on. Under good conditions, it takes roughly 30-45 seconds to acquire a highly accurate signal using a GPS. Note that clouds, dense foliage, or large structures can impact accuracy.

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