High-Handicap Example: Distance to sand trap from tee

Use Fore/Sight to measure the exact distances to the front and back of a sand trap.
  1. Move the image so the sand trap is directly under the crosshair and zoom in.
  2. The ball yardage sign (black) shows the distance to the trap.
  3. Move the image up or down to measure distances to the front and back of the trap.

In the example images, the front of the trap is 233.5 yards (left) and the back is 270.6 yards (right).

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Mid-Handicap Example: Drive distance

Use Fore/Sight to determine the distance of your last shot.
  1. Set the ball location on the tee-box, using landmarks or GPS to get an accurate lie.
  2. Take your shot.
  3. When you locate your ball, set the crosshair at your current location but do not update the ball's location.
  4. The ball yardage sign (black) displays the your drive distance.

Here, the ball is placed on a forward tee box (left). The drive just passes a bend in the cart path (right), 253 yards from the tee.

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Low-Handicap Example: Planning a lay-up shot

Use Fore/Sight to plan a sequence of shots.
  1. Determine the ideal distance for your lay-up shot. Say you would like your final approach shot to be a 110 yard pitching wedge shot.
  2. Use the pin yardage sign (red) to locate a suitable lie 110 yards from the pin.
  3. The ball yardage sign (black) tells you the distance you need to reach the lay-up location.
  4. Select the appropriate club, aim, and shoot!
An unfortunate drive placed the ball behind a trap (left). The blue hole-out yardage sign shows over 300 yards of trouble to the hole. To prepare a 110 yard approach shot, a location is selected using the red pin yardage sign to gauge the distance to the pin from the target (right). The black ball yardage sign shows 197 yards to the fairway target. Hopefully the hybrid shot goes better than the drive!

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