Introducing Fore/Sight

Fore/Sight provides interactive golf yardage charts for your iPhone™ and iPod touch®. Using high-resolution aerial photographs, Fore/Sight provides a bird's eye view of each hole, enabling precise measurement to any location on the course.

Ease-of-use and efficiency are at the heart of Fore/Sight's design. Its intuitive user interface allows for quick, one-handed operation. Its measurement system works with or without a GPS. And, there are no load times for images and no need to have a network connection.

With Fore/Sight, you will always have accurate measurements when you need them!

Using Fore/Sight

Fore/Sight provides a vertically-oriented aerial image of each hole on the course, similar in layout to a traditional yardage chart.

You can place the ball at any location on the image and use the crosshair to measure the distance to any other location on the hole.

Fore/Sight displays three different distances:

If your device contains a GPS (e.g., iPhone 3G or 3GS, you can n also use your current GPS location to set the location of the ball.


Are you passionate about your local courses? Do you know what courses golfers in your community like to play? We are committed to providing course packs that are relevant to local golfers. Send us your idea for a course pack!

Fore/Sight Lite

Fore/Sight Lite is a complete version of Fore/Sight that includes selected holes from each course.

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